SLF HND Programmes

SLF HND in Tourism Management

Explore the dynamic world of Tourism Management, where you’ll gain expertise in hospitality, destination marketing, and customer service. Develop skills to navigate the thriving global tourism industry with strategic insights.

SLF HND in Information Technology

Embark on a transformative journey in Information Technology with an HND program. Master key IT skills, from programming to network management, and be equipped for dynamic roles in the tech industry.


Dive into the realm of Human Resource Management with an HND program. Acquire essential skills in talent acquisition, employee relations, and organizational development, preparing for a dynamic career in HR.

SLF HND in Psychology

Embark on a captivating exploration of the mind and behavior with an HND in Psychology. Uncover the intricacies of human thought and emotion while developing valuable skills for diverse career paths.

SLF HND in English (TESL)

Embark on a linguistic journey with an HND in English (TESL). Delve into Teaching English as a Second Language, honing language proficiency and pedagogical skills for a rewarding education career.

SLF HND in Accounting

Embark on a financial journey with an HND in Accounting. Acquire expertise in financial management, auditing, and reporting. Equip yourself for a dynamic career in accounting and finance.

SLF HND in Business Administration

Explore the dynamic world of business with an HND in Business Administration. Develop comprehensive skills in management, marketing, and entrepreneurship, preparing for diverse leadership roles in the corporate landscape.