Are you ready to enhance your English communication skills and excel in your professional life? Our intensive 06-month Professional diploma in English Course is designed to help you communicate confidently and effectively in various business and workplace settings.

Admission Requirements

Modules / Subjects

Grammar & Writing ContentsSpeaking Contents
Chapter 01: The featuresIntroducing people, places and so.
Chapter 02: Auxiliary VerbsComparing people places and so.
Chapter 03: TenseDescribing features and situation
Chapter 04: Progressive TensesTaking about daily routines
Chapter 05: Perfect TensesDescribing pictures
Chapter 06: Perfect Continuous TensesGiving comments on small videos
Chapter 07: Conditional ClausesExplaining events and moments
Chapter 08: Passive ClausesDelivering impromptu speeches
Chapter 09: ConjunctionsExplaining unforgettable days
Chapter 10: Reported SpeechImagination and exposure
Chapter 11: Practical writingDelivering formal speeches
Chapter 12: Letter writingGroup and pair dialogues
Chapter 13: Precise WritingAccepting characters and acting on
Chapter 14: Essay WritingDebating and Judging
Chapter 15: Writing MemorandumActing dramas
Chapter 16: Writing MinutesGiving announcement
Chapter 17: Writing CriticismHooding interviews
Questions and Answer session
Various Activities on Effective Listening
Listening to different accents, imitating their pronunciation, comprehension while listening