Universal Business and Technology Campus

Established in 2017, Universal Business and Technology Campus (UBT Campus), a sister company of Institute of Global Knowledge (IGK), which provides diverse professional courses for students after school, is yet another new phenomenon in the region offering undergraduate programmes, postgraduate programmes, professional courses and corporate training tailored to the requirements of the cooperate world. The campus, set up based on a concept originated from the minds of those formed the IGK in 2013, purely aims at providing high quality education at your door step, which eventually addresses the difficulty of students traveling to the capital and abroad to pursue higher studies in various disciplines.

The unique striking feature of the campus is that it offers multifarious local and foreign degree programmes approved by the University Grants Commissions of Sri Lanka, higher national diplomas and professional courses as well: Bachelor of Education (BEd.-TESL), Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), Bachelor of Information Technology (BIT), Bachelor of Administration in Accounting (BBA-Accounting), Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management (BSc in HM), Master of Business Administration (MBA), Higher National Diplomas from LMQ (London Management Qualifications), courses offered by the CADD Centre (AutoCAD 2D & 3D, Primavera, Revit Architecture). In addition to the above, the UBT Campus is very much determined to launching new products proactively, considering the demands of the market.

Also, the institute offers a state of the art environment where students can enjoy all sorts of modern facilities in par with the international standards, which could ultimately lead to effective learning and teaching.The UBT Campus, therefore, assures that it will continue to strive hard in its efforts to launch new products into the markets satisfying the changing requirements of our stakeholders at the optimum level.

To main its sustainability and continuous growth going forward, the UBT Campus is always geared up working on the following principles: